ATMega48 / ATMega88 / ATMega168 / ATMega328


Category Feature Present
Debugging JTAG port No
SWD port No
Custom debug port Yes
Protections Read-out protection Yes
Known bypass No


ATMEL’s ATMegaX8 is a 8-bit MCU with SPI, I2C and PWM support.

Firmware Extraction

Extract firmware through ISP

Using an USBASP programmer combined with avrdude, one may be able to extract the flash and eeprom memory of an ATMegaX8 MCU.

$ avrdude -c usbasp -p atmega328p -U flash:r:firmware.bin:r


ATMEL designed 2 lock bits in order to restrict access to the flash memory: LB1 and LB2. These lock bits define the security mode used by the MCU.

Mode LB1 LB2 Description Firmware extraction possible ?
1 1 1 No memory lock enabled YES
1 1 0 Programming disabled NO
1 0 0 Programming disabled NO