Fora Diamond Mini

ForaCare BLE GMS

Forensic Summary

Category Feature Present
Data collection Console/Shell No
Extractible data from memory Yes
Traceability / Accountability Real-Time Clock (RTC) No
System log(s) No
Event log(s) No
Power management Visual indicator Yes
Can be easily powered off No

Device evaluation

Press the button on the device, the screen will display some information (number of records, records).

If the screen stays black, the device is not powered on.

The device advertises itself using Bluetooth Low Energy with the name DIAMOND MINI

Extracting valuable information

Use our dedicated tool to extract valuable information.

First, press the button of the Fora Diamond Mini glucose monitoring system as many times as required for the blue LED to blink. Then, use hcitool to scan the available devices and locate the Fora GMS device:

# hcitool lescan
0B:D9:5F:8C:74:36 (unknown)
C0:26:DF:00:67:3D (unknown)
32:BF:4E:59:00:AA (unknown)

The DIAMOND MOBILE device shows up, note the bluetooth address and use our dedicated tool to extract the event log:

# node diamondmini.js -t C0:26:DF:00:67:3D
Number of records: 1
Newest record index is: 0

--- Records ----
16/8/16 16:43 - 147 mg/dL